Being Union is the Progressive Choice

This morning, my wife and I are preparing to go to Ellensburg to be adjudicators for the Washington State Thespian Festival today and tomorrow. And today is Saint Patrick’s Day! So I’m wearing my green Keep Film In WA shirt.

Yesterday this came out on the Keep Film In WA blog:

Yesterday these came out from SAG-AFTRA:

Also yesterday these came out from AEA:

Fellow Actors, the most progressive thing you can do as an actor, is to join your unions. SAG-AFTRA and Actors’ Equity. I mean it! I have many titles gained through my 51 years of life: actor, veteran, husband, father, environmentalist, vegan, union member, progressive liberal…and being a union member, a member of SAG-AFTRA and Actors’ Equity are my decision, as an actor to be a part of the solution. Anything less is less, and anything against being a part of these unions, simply takes away from the overall good that my unions, my labor unions, do for me and the combined 210,000 members.

In the days since the new people have taken our government away from us, I have been more active daily in combating their efforts to take us back to the 1950’s. The 1950’s was nice, but we are living in 2017 now! Please help me. Sign the petitions. Talk to your local legislators. Talk to your National Legislators. Take part in your unions. #KeepFilmInWa #sagaftra #askifitsequity

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January, 2017 Update!

40 SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local President Rik Deskin: Keep Film in WA


photo-jan-09-9-59-54-pmRik Deskin is President of SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local.  Rik shares how and why he got involved in the political side of SAG-AFTRA.  Rik also talks to us about the Keep Film in WA campaign, how that effects those in the filmmaking community and what you can do to help Keep Film in WA!!


Links to…   SAG-AFTRA  –  SAGindie  –  Washington Filmworks  –  Keep Film in WA

and follow Rik on Facebook!!


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Rik Deskin October Update!



Rik will be seen next at the TCM Models & Talent October Social  (You must be represented by TCM to attend) on October 12th. The Social begins at 5:30 and Rik will be the guest speaker at 6:30. In case you do not know, he was elected as the SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local President last year and will be speaking about the industry and you certainly should be here to chat and ask questions about the union!


14639855_1771528063099986_1823732916164268528_nA Free Screenplay Reading at Eclectic Theater on Saturday, November 12 at 2pm. More info TBA.


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Rik Deskin’s April Appearances!

Today, at 4:30pm Rik will be a guest at the SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local Conservatory event: The Business of Acting. At Eclectic Theater.

Tomorrow, Rik will make a second appearance on the Irish Radio International program, Irish heArts, which will air at 11am on Thursday, April 7, 2016. Listen Live on the internet at:

To listen to the first episode Rik was in:

Thursday Rik will be at the informational meeting for I-1520, at the Redmond Regional Library, between 6-8pm.

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Rik Deskin to be a guest on Irish Radio!

Rik Deskin will be a guest on the Irish Radio International program, Irish heArts, at 11am on Thursday, March 10, 2016. Listen Live on the internet at:


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Keep Film in Washington!

Hello film aficionados,

My last post was pre-election, so I want to thank you for your support and votes. I am happy to be serving now as the SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local President, representing the interests of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Washington. Now, I have a huge favor to ask, specifically Washington residents and friends.

Visit the website for Keep Film in Washington.  Absolutely, sign the petition–if you haven’t already–and share the link with your voting-aged friends and family members. We need to let our legislators know that film production in Washington State is important. And, good for the economy. For every $1 invested, motion picture production generates more than $10 of benefit.

Currently, Washington’s motion picture competitiveness program (MPCP) allows $3.5 million annually in incentives for production companies. Washington Filmworks coordinates, so a company films a project here, using our resources and labor, staying in our hotels, eating at our restaurants, and we’ll give them back a portion of their expenditures. It’s a win-win, but the money goes so fast.

Washington State currently has only one television series filming: Z-Nation. While it is great to have this production, the one series occupies 49% of our MPCP’s available funds. The remaining funds are distributed to various film and commercial projects, but, alas, few and far between. With the existing cap, in 2014, all available funding was dedicated before May, and in 2015, March.  With incentive funds depleted, Washington State lost over $65 million in potential economic activity. That’s a lot of jobs–that didn’t happen.

Keep Film in Washington hopes to change this. As I invited earlier, please visit the site and show your support.

In addition, Thursday, January 21, Washington will celebrate Film Day in Olympia. Supporters of the cause will be meeting with legislators to discuss House Bill 2542, which seeks to raise our MPCP cap to $10 million and to extend the program through 2023.

If you’re available, join us!  Sharing with your elected officials is important. Mine have told me that in-person meetings do carry an impact. If you can come, be sure to RSVP before 5pm Tuesday, January 19.

Not available on Thursday, no worries. You can still send your support via email or phone calls to your district representatives at

Thanks for reading,





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Are you tired of not having the level of programming that our LA and NY brothers and sisters get as a perk of SAG-AFTRA Membership? I am. I’m also tired of a lack of representation in the rest of the region that our Local stands for. We need representation in Idaho and Montana! I want to be inclusive of our whole region and begin programming SAG-AFTRA Conservatory events for actors and broadcasters throughout our entire region on a regular basis. I also want to activate all of our Members locally. Are you proud of SAG-AFTRA? I am!

I have served as a Board Member of the SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local (formerly SAG and AFTRA)  for nearly a decade. In that time I have proudly served as President, Vice-President, Board Member and Convention Delegate (since 2011).

The Seattle Local is much more than Seattle. Our jurisdiction includes the rest of Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Montana as well. This is the largest amount of territory in all of the 25 SAG-AFTRA Locals. We have a very hard-working staff of 3 to manage all of this. Granted the bulk of all of our work is in Seattle proper and Spokane, but we do have projects active in the other states.

We have not had a Conservatory program since before my time. We need to have regular workshops and classes that are free (or at a very low annual fee) to the members not only as a perk of membership but as a necessity of keeping our skills active regardless of how you classify your membership. I was partially responsible for workshops with Casting Directors Stephen Salamunovich and Bonnie Gillespie, a Conversations program with SAG-AFTRA Member Lauren Weedman, and also hosted both an Audio-Book Narration workshop and a workshop with SAG-AFTRA Member Sheldon Smith at my theater venue, Eclectic Theater. I am also partially responsible as the Chair of the SAG Awards Planning Committee, for acquiring Saint John’s Bar and Eatery as our new home for the Awards Show locally.

I propose having more frequent events! I would like to have at least one per month to start out. Having robust programming is what life in LA and NY is like!

What do I mean by “activating members?” I long for the day where every member attends meetings, votes, and can think beyond only themselves, but to our greater community at large. I totally understand when members have to work and are unable to attend, but at least you can vote, right? Make me proud!

SAG-AFTRA Contracts I have worked under are Commercial (for Television, Radio and Internet), the Modified Low-Budget Agreement,  the Corporate-Educational Agreement, the New Media Agreement, the Short Film Agreement, and the Student Film Agreement.

I have been a SAG Member since 2003, an AEA Member since 2005, and an AFTRA Member since 2009. I have been a SAG-AFTRA Member since March 30, 2012! Local Committees I have served on are the SAG Awards Planning Committee, the Reinstatement Committee, the Organizing Committee, the 2011 AFTRA Convention Planning Committee, the Nominating Committee, and the Commercials Negotiations Committee. National Committees are the Communications Committee, the Editorial Sub-Committee, the Commercial Performers Committee, the Military Personnel & Families Support Committee, the Low-Budget Committee, the LGBT Committee, the New Media Committee, the New Tech Sub-Committee, the Interactive Media Negotiations Committee, the Animation Negotiations Committee, and the Website Task Force.

Vote for me 2 times! As President and Convention Delegate.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

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Mayor Murray supports new legislation to increase film production in Washington

Seattle Office of Film + Music

Mayor Murray announced his support of Senate Bill 6027 (SB 6027), introduced last week in the Washington State Senate to increase the funding for the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program.

The bill doubles the size of the production incentive program over the next two yeaFilm Incentivers to $7 million and increases the fund incrementally each year until it reaches $10 million in 2019. The sunset date for the program will also be extended to 2022.

Washington’s current incentive program is the fifth smallest in the country. $55 million worth of film production was immediately turned away in 2014 when the annual funding cap was expended by May. This legislation aims to keep Washington’s film industry competitive and retain and increase film industry talent to fuel the statewide creative economy.

SB 6027’s prime sponsor is Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles (D, 36th), with co-sponsors Senator Andy Billig (D, 3rd), Senator Joe Fain (R, 47th), and Senator Don Benton (R…

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Call to Action: We Have a Bill, Let Your Senator Know!

Call to Action: We Have a Bill, Let Your Senator Know!

Keep Film In WA Facts

Kohl-Welles, Billig and Fain
Introduce Legislation to
Increase Funding
For Production Incentive Program

Senate Bill 6027 Helps Keep Washington’s Film Industry Competitive

Washington Filmworks is pleased to announce that Senate Bill 6027 (SB 6027), a bill to increase the funding for the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program, was introduced today in the Washington State Senate. The bill doubles the size of the production incentive program over the next 2 years to $7 million and increases the fund incrementally each year until it reaches $10 million in 2019. The sunset date for the program will also be extended to 2022.

The legislation aims to keep Washington’s film industry competitive and helps to retain film industry talent to fuel the statewide creative economy. SB 6027 is prime sponsored by Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles (D, 36th), and co-sponsored by Senator Andy Billig (D, 3rd) and Senator Joe Fain (R, 47th).

Call to Action – Write Your Senator Today

Washington Filmworks urges all film industry professionals and supporters to contact their senators to encourage them to support SB 6027. To get more information about the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program, download the fact sheet from the KEEP FILM IN WA website. And in writing, tell your personal story about how the film incentive impacts your life and the life of your family. To view a sample letter of support, clickhere.

To find your senators, visit our blog here.

Should you have any questions or need additional information, email

We thank you for your support – and let’s work together to KEEP FILM IN WA!

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Nearly booked a role and my next appearance at the Gig Harbor Film Festival Filmmakers Group

I very nearly booked a role on Grimm this past week. I was on “1st Right of Refusal” for two roles. I had auditioned last Thursday, and then got a callback for one role. Later I received an email asking if I could self-tape an additional role audition for the same episode. By the time I got home on Friday afternoon, I had been put on the above status which is also called “Avail.”

I was released yesterday, which in my career is the longest time I have been on such status. I am now looking forward to my next audition and eventually booking a role.

But Monday, January 19, at 6pm, you can see me as a panelist talking about Acting and being a SAG-AFTRA Member at the Gig Harbor Film Festival Filmmakers Group!

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