URGENT: AFTRA Members in the NW(WA, OR, AK, MT)

Please send me a note TONIGHT (or by no later than 5am tomorrow) in support of the Codified Corporate/Educational & Non Broadcast Contract Waiver & Abstract for the Pacific Northwest.

It has unanimous support by both SAG councils (Seattle and Portland) and has unanimous AFTRA Portland Local Board approval.

It was put forward as a proposal from both W&W committees (Portland and Seattle) with very little variation.

It has unanimous support from the attendees of SAG Seattle’s General Membership Meeting.

If approved, we can start organizing work for our members TOMORROW. This work is bread and butter work for our members and if we recapture this market members can start having careers again as working actors in the Pacific Northwest. We need to create pathways to prosperity (or at least a strong middle class lifestyle) for our members and this is a strong sprint in that direction.

A no vote means the status quo, a no vote means no work!

A vote YES is a vote to put actors back to work in this community!

If you are a member of AFTRA and want to send me 2-3 lines of support, I will make sure our Representative to the committee hears you.  I’d like to provide positive messages of interest in this waiver, and to that end, please see some messages that have been gathered below for a sense of what we hope to carry to the committee.


A nice part of my living was made from the Industrial Contract in the past.  It contributed to my health, pension, and vesting.  It was also an opportunity to connect with other members on the same job, and to impress employers with union skill.  I’m looking forward to a return of that work for our market, and ask the committee to approve the COED waiver to the Industrial Contract.


I came to Portland in 1995 at a time when there was so much AFTRA work–commercials, industrials–that I was able to finish qualifying for my pension–which I had begun in Los Angeles.  We were busy and respected.  I am in hope that we may return to that kind of market–it would go hand in hand with the growing, vibrant Equity theatre scene.


I think this agreement is perfect for our market – especially at a time when we are working to brand ourselves as open and accessible.  The agreement is succinct and removes any argument by producers that a formalized contract is too much bother.

Thank you for your consideration.


I am in favor of the COED waiver to the Industrial Contract.  It is both brief and readable, two attributes held high by today’s professional performer.


In the 1990s I worked under the Industrial Contract.  In fact it was one of my best paying gigs!  It would be wonderful to have this market back and going strong again!  I support and welcome with great anticipation the approval of the COED waiver to the Industrial Contract .

In solidarity,

Rik Deskin




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