Nearly booked a role and my next appearance at the Gig Harbor Film Festival Filmmakers Group

I very nearly booked a role on Grimm this past week. I was on “1st Right of Refusal” for two roles. I had auditioned last Thursday, and then got a callback for one role. Later I received an email asking if I could self-tape an additional role audition for the same episode. By the time I got home on Friday afternoon, I had been put on the above status which is also called “Avail.”

I was released yesterday, which in my career is the longest time I have been on such status. I am now looking forward to my next audition and eventually booking a role.

But Monday, January 19, at 6pm, you can see me as a panelist talking about Acting and being a SAG-AFTRA Member at the Gig Harbor Film Festival Filmmakers Group!


About eclectictheater

Eclectic Theater is a professional theatre company in Seattle, WA., dedicated to producing and presenting original, contemporary and classic works for the stage and screen. Plays, Improv, Stand-Up and Sketch Comedy and more! Eclectic Theater is powered by Shunpike. Shunpike is the 501(c)(3) non-profit agency that fuel innovation in the arts by building productive partnerships, cultivating leadership and providing direct services to arts groups of all kinds. Learn more at
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