Are you tired of not having the level of programming that our LA and NY brothers and sisters get as a perk of SAG-AFTRA Membership? I am. I’m also tired of a lack of representation in the rest of the region that our Local stands for. We need representation in Idaho and Montana! I want to be inclusive of our whole region and begin programming SAG-AFTRA Conservatory events for actors and broadcasters throughout our entire region on a regular basis. I also want to activate all of our Members locally. Are you proud of SAG-AFTRA? I am!

I have served as a Board Member of the SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local (formerly SAG and AFTRA)  for nearly a decade. In that time I have proudly served as President, Vice-President, Board Member and Convention Delegate (since 2011).

The Seattle Local is much more than Seattle. Our jurisdiction includes the rest of Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Montana as well. This is the largest amount of territory in all of the 25 SAG-AFTRA Locals. We have a very hard-working staff of 3 to manage all of this. Granted the bulk of all of our work is in Seattle proper and Spokane, but we do have projects active in the other states.

We have not had a Conservatory program since before my time. We need to have regular workshops and classes that are free (or at a very low annual fee) to the members not only as a perk of membership but as a necessity of keeping our skills active regardless of how you classify your membership. I was partially responsible for workshops with Casting Directors Stephen Salamunovich and Bonnie Gillespie, a Conversations program with SAG-AFTRA Member Lauren Weedman, and also hosted both an Audio-Book Narration workshop and a workshop with SAG-AFTRA Member Sheldon Smith at my theater venue, Eclectic Theater. I am also partially responsible as the Chair of the SAG Awards Planning Committee, for acquiring Saint John’s Bar and Eatery as our new home for the Awards Show locally.

I propose having more frequent events! I would like to have at least one per month to start out. Having robust programming is what life in LA and NY is like!

What do I mean by “activating members?” I long for the day where every member attends meetings, votes, and can think beyond only themselves, but to our greater community at large. I totally understand when members have to work and are unable to attend, but at least you can vote, right? Make me proud!

SAG-AFTRA Contracts I have worked under are Commercial (for Television, Radio and Internet), the Modified Low-Budget Agreement,  the Corporate-Educational Agreement, the New Media Agreement, the Short Film Agreement, and the Student Film Agreement.

I have been a SAG Member since 2003, an AEA Member since 2005, and an AFTRA Member since 2009. I have been a SAG-AFTRA Member since March 30, 2012! Local Committees I have served on are the SAG Awards Planning Committee, the Reinstatement Committee, the Organizing Committee, the 2011 AFTRA Convention Planning Committee, the Nominating Committee, and the Commercials Negotiations Committee. National Committees are the Communications Committee, the Editorial Sub-Committee, the Commercial Performers Committee, the Military Personnel & Families Support Committee, the Low-Budget Committee, the LGBT Committee, the New Media Committee, the New Tech Sub-Committee, the Interactive Media Negotiations Committee, the Animation Negotiations Committee, and the Website Task Force.

Vote for me 2 times! As President and Convention Delegate.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at rikdeskin@gmail.com.


About eclectictheater

Eclectic Theater is a professional theatre company in Seattle, WA., dedicated to producing and presenting original, contemporary and classic works for the stage and screen. Plays, Improv, Stand-Up and Sketch Comedy and more! Eclectic Theater is powered by Shunpike. Shunpike is the 501(c)(3) non-profit agency that fuel innovation in the arts by building productive partnerships, cultivating leadership and providing direct services to arts groups of all kinds. Learn more at www.shunpike.org.
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