About Rik Deskin



Rik Deskin is a Seattle based Actor/Comedian. A member of SAG-AFTRA, AEA and the Sandbox Artists Collective.

Rik is the Host of Eclectic Comedy, an open mic at Eclectic Theater and he is the Host of The Rik Deskin Show online at: http://www.spreecast.com/channels/rik-deskins-channel

Rik is also the Artistic Director of Eclectic Theater.

Rik loves Science-Fiction, Horror, Comic Books, Action, Adventure and Comedy. He’s also a Vegan. And he’s a Dad!

For more info:



Behind the scenes of Sausage Fest.


4 Responses to About Rik Deskin

  1. ralphm1999 says:

    I just found this, your blog. It is very interesting. Will look forward to the unfolding of your career in this well done comprehensive magazine.

  2. Susan Carr says:

    This is Susan Carr. I have a friend who wants to do a movie. She was wondering about making it a SAG film. Are you the right person to talk to about how she should start that process or can you suggest someone in Seattle?

  3. Rik, I had a thought about Len’s play that I wanted to check out with you, not knowing if he was interested in feedback. I asked for your personal e-m address but haven’t heard back.

    Freddie B.

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